Black is Amok – 27.02.13

So for this weeks title I had to look up what the hell Amok means turns out it means to behave uncontrollably making my eventual title choice inadvertently poetic, one can not complain with the way that has turned out.

Deadlines are now looming, until the end of March every week will have a new a cut off for my writing assignments, this coming Wednesday is the turn of my magazine writing unit, which I only just started today because it took me a while to realise how close the deadline actually is. Despite it being only a week away and me having not done anything towards I’m completely relaxed as always, writing this blog post with some punk playing and a cuppa waiting for time to pass. In fact today the main thing that’s been on my mind is not the forthcoming deadlines but the fact that next term when lectures are pretty much over that me and my housemates are going to have the time to work on a film of our own. Pretty much proof that my mind is probably not in the right frame for the problems at hand. Still I’m sure I’ll tick along nicely, have a few late night panics and get everything just about in on time, not to worry.

Amongst all the work I will be sure to still fit in as much film watching, music listening and game playing as is humanly possible, as I have this week. I kicked things off with my latest cinema trip to see This is 40. Which was swiftly followed by my thoughts on the debut Atoms for Peace record, Amok. Then it all came to a rushed halt with my opinion of the second series of Black Mirror. This week there’s not a massive amount that I’m looking forward to, but don’t worry I’m sure there’ll be plenty for me to talk about.

I’m going to leave you with a laugh:


This is 40

paul-rudd-in-this-is-40-movie-9This weeks cinema trip was a rom-com that I was actually really excited for. Billed as the ‘sort-of sequel’ to Knocked Up, This is 40 is Judd Apatow’s fourth time behind the directors chair and it follows the lives of Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann), who were secondary characters in Knocked Up as they turn 40 and the marital, financial and parenting problems they go through. It really doesn’t have much to do with Knocked Up at all but that doesn’t really matter. Apatow is probably the biggest producer in Hollywood today and all his previous directorial efforts have been excellent. His last outing was with Funny People a film which was largely disliked by the public but loved by critics (and me). It was a much more sombre affair than his first two but I think, an understated well told, heartfelt film. I was expecting more of the same with This is 40.

One thing most of the reviews I’ve read have picked up on is the lengthy running time of 136 minutes and the majority of reviews I’ve read have said it’s far too long. I beg to differ. I thought the plot trotted along at a very watchable pace with funny bits cropping up far more often than I was expecting. I didn’t even notice the time passing and would have been happy to spend another hour in the presence of these lovable, realistic characters. Another thing most of the reviews noted is how much this film feels like a sit com, again this is mostly seen as a bad thing by the critics. Again, I think they’re completely wrong, the film is sitcom material but I think the fact that it feels like watching a sitcom speaks to how well its made. You feel for the characters like you would in a sitcom but Apatow and the actors have managed to create that feeling in one feature, something that usually grows over a whole series in sitcoms. There’s not a moment of the film that wasn’t funny in my eyes, the occasional emotional punch would you set you up for more laughs to follow shortly and the cast deliver the incredibly witty script with the comedy chops we’ve come to know them for. But then there’s two kids played by Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow’s actual daughters who may bring the most laughs of them all.

I found This is 40 to be an insightful, funny look into the lives of an ageing married couple and family life in general. Not quite as slow as Funny People but not quite as fast-paced as Knocked Up it sits somewhere in between the two finding the perfect balance of laughs and heart, ignore the reviews this is one of the most enjoyable flicks you’ll watch this year.