Killer Sunny Show – 02.01.13

So in the post-Christmas I got round to watch the last few episodes of the latest series’ of two of my favourite sit-coms in the world. The first was the eighth series of Peep Show and the second was, coincidentally, the eighth season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And sandwiched in between the two I watched William Friedkin’s comedy drama Killer Joe.

Well I’ve kept this one short for once and I’ll leave you with this fantastic new Tim Burton-directed Killers video:


Killer Hung By Gallows in Hope Springs – 19.09.12

Yes, this weekly update is two days late, and, yes the title does sound as if capital punishment has been brought back over in Canada but actually this post has nothing to do with hangings at all. Apologies for the lateness of the post, it’s been busy settling back into life at uni, and a shit load of fun too. However, I have just about managed to fit in time for my three reviews even if it is a little bit late. My first review was of new romantic comedy Hope Springs, which stars Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carrell, so to find out more about that, click here Second was the streaming of the new Gallows album online, the review of their self titled third album can be found just here And last but not least, as promised the review of new Killers album Battle Born Please comment any feedback you have, it’s all very much appreciated.

This week I’m going to leave you with something which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is incredibly exciting, the new trailer for The Hobbit:

Battle Born

After a hiatus where the band split off and worked on various other projects The Killers are hoping to pick up right where they left off with their fourth studio album, Battle Born. It was certainly something I’d been looking forward to for a long time. In one interview they claimed that the album would be much more guitar based and with that my excitement grew to greater heights, but did the album meet my expectations?

The first single to be released from the record, ‘Runaways’ was slightly underwhelming, at first, but upon repeat listenings and within the context of the album its grown substantially in my estimations. It plays similarly to ‘When You Were Young’ with a bold, doomed love story at the centre of the lyrics. But although similar it still doesn’t fully have the same bite as anything on Sam’s Town and that goes some way to summing up the album as a whole. Overall the record sounds like a mix of their rock-y guitar based songs from Sam’s Town and their synth based pop from Day and Age. And that concoction of sounds provides some varied results. At times the album is superb, some stand-out tracks being, ‘Miss Atomic Bomb’ and ‘The Way it Was’. The closing track ‘Battle Born’ being an incredibly strong closer as well as managing to condense the length of ‘Goodnight, Travel Well’ and with that concentrate the quality making it a far superior song with a very grand sound that leaves you feeling good things. But there are weak moments as well, that don’t quite seem to fully take off, ‘The Rising Tide’ and ‘Heart of a Girl’ being examples of this. And on the whole the album leaves me slightly lost at where to place it against their previous three.

On another note there is the question of Brandon Flowers’ solo album ‘Flamingo’ which came out during the groups hiatus. I really liked the album but my theory is this; before this hiatus all three of The Killers’ albums had been drastically different from the last giving us almost a whole new style to get used to, but with Battle Born it doesn’t sound quite as different and that’s because the gap between Day and Age and Battle Born was bridged by Flamingo, rather than having to jump from one style to another, we can see a step in between and it means that instead of having two completely different albums we have three albums that sound slightly similar to each other and that is where Battle Born doesn’t quite meet expectations because its not as far away from previous stuff as the other albums were. Although, to summarise, the album is a great listen, it is by no means a bad record, it just for one reason or another doesn’t quite live up to its promise.


Brave Accused Coexist in Silence – 12.09.12

I will again have to apologise for the terrible title but I’m sure one day soon I’ll be able to fashion together incredibly witty topical titles with the various media I have reviewed in the week, but until I’m afraid we’re stuck with this shit. Anyway, to business, this week I’ve done four posts as opposed to the normal three basically because there’s been more interesting stuff, first of all was my review of the new Billy Talent album, ‘Dead Silence’, which you can view there. Then there was the end of series two of Accused so you can see my review of that here – Then in a bout of new music was the release of the new xx album, which I was highly anticipating so you can see whether it lived up to the hype here And finally for the film buffs among you here’s my review of Brave

Hope you enjoy them and in preparation for the week ahead here’s The Killers new single ‘Runaway’s’, expect the review of the new album in a couple of days: