Stolen_26My first cinema trip as part of CAGE RAGE came this week with the release of Stolen, if you not sure what the plot is watch Taken replace Neeson with Cage and make him a thief rather than a bodyguard and you’ll be on the right track. In fact just do that and then you won’t need to see the film what you imagine it to be is a tonne better than what it is.

Directed by Simon West who previously worked with Cage on Con Air, Stolen is a whole different kettle of fish. The film opens with Cage and co. robbing a bank and getting caught after being sent to jail for eight years he tries to pick things up with his estranged daughter as they were left off she’s having none of it but soon after their initial meeting she gets kidnapped by Cage’s old partner who he had shot in the foot. What ensues is a mish-mash of poorly strung together action sequences, horrendous acting and gaping plot holes. It’s incredibly hard to find any kind of redeeming feature, other than of course the fact that Cage is in it. The whole film is dumbed down for a 12A audience and it seems as everything has to be explained for viewers under the age of three to get a good idea of what’s going on, it seems the main rule of screenwriting and film-making as a whole, show-don’t-tell, is completely forgotten.

As for Cage he is on auto-pilot here, showing slightly more emotion than in Ghost Rider but not a significant amount. There are one or two moments where he loses his cool but nothing to write home about overall making this a completely wasted cinema trip, still hopefully with his next release things will get better.

CAGE RAGE rating – 2/5