LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

lego-batman2While still no one knows if there ever will be a Justice League movie, the LEGO game franchise have given us some kind of respite in LEGO Batman 2 which allows you to play as pretty much any DC super hero or villain and zoom round Gotham City fixing things and getting rid of the dangerous criminals. The game has full playable free-roam city with various collectables and mini-missions hidden about while the main story takes you through fifteen levels and ultimately take down The Joker and Lex Luthor.

The story play is as fresh as always in a LEGO game, taking many of the same features and styles of previous titles but still maintaining it’s own unique features. The idea of having the different suits that allow Batman and Robin to do certain things helps separate it from other games and when you begin to unlock more characters, especially Superman, they include specific things that couldn’t have been done without them. The missions are quite diverse, most of them have a few bits where you have to run around a location and figure out how you can get the right power to open the next door, then those bits are normally combined with a driving/flying/boating section in which you have to shoot a load of stuff down. It never gives you the chance to get bored and when you go back and play the missions again, because you have to to get all the collectibles, it’s not a chore but still retains it’s fun factor.

Once you unlock Superman and are allowed to fly round the City searching for gold bricks and boss fights the game gains a whole new feel which makes going back and forth finding bits and bobs actually pretty fun. Something that most games fail to do. LEGO Batman 2 is a great new addition to the franchise being perhaps the best of the titles I’ve played since the original LEGO Star Wars games. This is well worth a play.