Game of Thrones – Season 3



Well it’s been a couple of weeks now since the third season of Game of Thrones came to its dramatic conclusion, using the word conclusion in the loosest sense possible as I think it ended with more stuff up in the air than it started with. It seems that the show has become perhaps the most talked about programme of the times, with a fan-base that appears to be growing by the minute. After the shocking events of episode nine I’ve never seen Facebook erupt to anything in such a huge way.

I enjoyed the third season, particularly what I enjoyed is that the show has retained its identity despite coming under criticism for certain elements of its choices. We have, in this season, the most drastic difference yet from the shows source material with the continuation of Theon Greyjoy’s story. In the Song of Ice and Fire books Theon is no longer a character after book two but here in season three of the show we learn more of what happens to him. His story is one of the most brutal in the Game of Thrones universe as he’s held captive and tortured horrifically through the whole season. It was a bold move to start adding completely original material but I think it’s one of the strongest plot lines of the latest series and a risk that has paid off. Season three continues in the mould of the first two in that the scale of events is constantly getting bigger. Danaerys Tagaryen, mother of the dragons has become the most insanely powerful individual in the Seven Kingdoms and somehow she just keeps getting fitter as well. Jon Snow’s journey ticks along throughout and one of the shows most emotional moments comes when he is forced to part ways with Ygritte. And my favourite character, Tyrion, is fucked over badly by his ruthless father.

Although I enjoyed the season and I’m liking how the story is turning out I am left wondering how good the show actually is. There’s so many characters it is at times hard to keep track of who’s who, although I think I have a pretty good idea there are still certain characters that I don’t really understand who they are or what the position is in this vast fantasy universe. It’s well made stuff with great acting talent and is very cleverly written but at times I think it perhaps over-complicates itself where it doesn’t need to. What also annoys me is the constant hint of more supernatural characters such as the Wight Walkers, I want to see more of this stuff and it gets frustrating that that kind of stuff only ever briefly pops up. While I still love the show it’s beginning to lose the pull it once had on me, and I’m increasingly starting to think it’s slightly over-rated. There are better shows out there and I find it hard to understand why Game of Thrones is the biggest of them all. It probably sounds like I’m hating on it now, but I’m not, I still think it’s a great show but there’s better stuff out there. Perhaps season four will finally deliver fully on the promise of all-out war and supernatural adventure.


Stolen Maniac Machine – 30.03.13

So Easter is upon us and my second year of University is pretty much finished as my last two pieces of coursework were handed in earlier this week. All that’s left now is a minor exam in mid-May but for the coming months I will have an insane amount of free time to crack on with a load of TV series, movies and games that I’ve been meaning to do for a while. It should also give me some time to start putting up some creative stuff on here and if you swing by the blog next week I’m going to post a part of one of my short stories that will progress each week, I hope you’ll enjoy them. I also plan to enter a few competitions in the next few months and will be keeping you updated as to how that goes.

As for now it’s time for me to plough on with some House of Cards, continue my rise to greatness in FIFA and get excited for the start of Game of Thrones Season 3 tomorrow. In amongst that I hope to throw in some vibrant splashes of quality movies too and I’ll of course be keeping the reviews ticking on here. As for the reviews of the past week I kicked things off with my take on Maniac a gruesome horror remake starring Elijah Wood. CAGE RAGE season got its first cinema trip in the form of Stolen. And finally The Strokes returned with new album Comedown Machine.

In terms of stuff to get excited for there’s only one thing on everyones mind and that’s the aforementioned Game of Thrones but rather than leave you with a trailer for the new season you need to see this awesome creation that some saddo has spent a year of their life making. A year well spent to be fair:

Game of Thrones


I have only recently begun watching Game of Thrones, which finished its second season ten days ago but over the course of about two weeks I have already stormed through its entire first series an the first half of the second, by the time I next write on here I will, no doubt, be finished. I must say I was slightly sceptical heading in the only period fantasy thing I’ve ever really got into being Lord of the Rings but it only took about three episodes before I found myself fully enthralled within its grasp. Its strength lies in its versatility, it can flit between moods so smoothly an its character development is second to none.

The contrast of storylines throughout its diverse universe make it impossible to bore you, as it changes from politics to brutality, to prostitution to dragons. It contains a lot less than the aforementioned LOTR, which largely works in its favour as when we are met with a supernatural entity the shock an excitement levels reach incredibly high levels. If you haven’t already, start watching this show.