After seeing Tame Impala perform on Jools Holland I was intrigued to give their music a listen. Lonerism is their second album and it came out at the beginning of October so I thought I’d give it a listen to start things off. They’re recorded sound is quite different from what I heard on Jools Holland, but definitely different in a good way.

Lonerism is like nothing else before it, apart from perhaps Innerspeaker the groups first record. Lonerism blends psychadelics with indie beats, classic rock guitar solos and a constant ambience. The album kicks off with ‘Be Above It’ setting the scene for an unusual album the song constantly has backing vocals creating the basis of the track then instruments and lead vocals are added on top creating a sound similar to something you’ve heard before but with something unique. This track sounds, to me, a lot like Broken Social Scene.

Everything we learnt from the first track is pretty much dashed with it’s follow-up, ‘Endors Toi’ which is perhaps a better indicator for the sound of the rest of the album. It is very ambient, with high-pitched melodic vocals that get lost within the other instruments and moments where certain instruments just burst out above all the rest. Guitar solos that sound like they wouldn’t be out of place on a Pink Floyd album and drum fills that don’t sound dissimilar from something you might have heard by Led Zeppelin.

It’s this old fashioned sound that really gives the band their identity, mixing classic rock and progressive sounds with an indie sensibility ultimately bringing the genre right up to date and giving us one of the greatest albums of the year.