Utopia Dredd Gish – 20.02.13

I know, I know the title can just go die in a hole. I set myself an impossible task with my three reviews this week and the result is the shittest title any post could ever have, on the plus side it probably means it won’t get seen by many people…

It’s been a busy week as you may gather from the fact that my update is a day late. My first deadline of the semester was yesterday so the majority of my free time was spent doing anything I could to afford working and then reluctantly writing a few words before coming up with an excuse not to and playing the disgustingly addictive Candy Crush Saga for a good hour and then writing a tiny bit more. Since handing I’ve felt better about procrastinating but the feeling won’t last for long as more deadlines seem to be charging at me at an alarming rate. Still there has been some good things. I discovered an awesome called The Bronx who you may have heard of before, their a hardcore punk outfit that I would describe as a happy version of Gallows and I’ve been very much enjoying head-banging to their four records, there’ll be a post at some point about them. Also this week a leak of the Atoms for Peace record, Amok, emerged a review for that will be up soon. And on top of all this the announcements about the Playstation 4 were made last night and I am incredibly excited , let me know your thoughts on its new features in a comment below if you like.

Now back to the past week I’ve just about managed to give you a nice array of reviews kicking off with my review of the Smashing Pumpkins debut album Gish which marks the kick off to a series of reviews I’ll be writing on their whole discography. Second was my review of Channel 4’s latest drama serial Utopia which cam to an end on Tuesday night and was nothing short of being fucking awesome. And finally I gave my thoughts on Dredd. Hope you enjoy having a read.

To continue about the Playstation 4 I’ll leave you with this footage of one of the consoles debut titles Deep Down if you’ve had enough of strange Japanese man talking skip to 4.30 and enjoy the stunning graphics:


Judge Dredd Still ImageYesterday the mood finally struck me to watch Dredd, the 2012 re-hash of the 2000AD comic book hero. Fortunately, yes, it was better than Stallone’s original incarnation. But the film has been the subject of a lot scrutiny since it basically has the exact same plot as The Raid, which is probably the best action film of the decade leaving Dredd with a rather high standard to reach. It’s unfortunate that Dredd was actually in development before The Raid ever was but its release date came afterwards and therefore doesn’t feel original.

Going in I thought the stories couldn’t be exactly the same, surely. But I was shocked by how few differences there were, they might as well have used the same script just with different actors. Perhaps that’ a slight over exaggeration but I’m sure you understand what I’m saying. The differences to be found in Dredd, however, are some of the most interesting parts of the film. In particular the new drug, Slow-Mo which makes the brain see things at 1 per cent their normal speed, it sets up a number of brilliant set pieces and super slow motion shoot-outs. The problem, again, is that the action is nowhere near the level of The Raid and while normally you wouldn’t expect anything be that mind-bogglingly awesome Dredd is fighting a losing battle as it is so similar.

In fact it’s very hard to give it a fair trial, I enjoyed watching but I’d never watch it again because I’d just watch The Raid, if it had come out before it may well have been a much more entertaining watch but I still feel as though even if The Raid did come out after Dredd it would still shit all over it. Let’s be clear Dredd is much better than the Stallone and a much better portrayal of the Judge himself and a well-made action picture but it seems to have been cursed by the worst luck possible, let’s hope it’s not the final nail in the coffin for big screen adaptations though, there’s so much potential in Mega City One.