The Sequel to the Prequel

Babyshambles-Sequel-to-the-Prequel-1024x1024Well it came as quite a surprise to me a couple of weeks ago that there was a new Babyshambles album out. After having heard a couple of new songs from the group a couple of months ago I didn’t come across any kind of hype for the new record and to be honest I forgot we were expecting one completely. Then all of a sudden and it’s upon us. Titled The Sequel to the Prequel, this third studio album is the first record the Pete Doherty-led band have made since 2007.

Unfortunately though I found this new record to be rather an underwhelming entity. In the past both of Babyshambles previous records have been some of my most played albums whereas The Sequel to the Prequel and dropped off my listening radar almost as quickly as it appeared onto it. There is a real lack of bite in this record not to mention a lack of Pete Doherty’s sharp lyricism. This perhaps the worst collection of lyrics by the controversial frontman I’ve ever heard and its reflected in the music. While I wouldn’t have minded if the group was changing direction to a prettier sound with a less rock-y feel it seems they are still trying to keep their old slightly punky image with none of the music to pull it off. There are some fun songs on here, the highlight being Dr. No, which has a ska feel to it and really doesn’t sound anything like the rest of the record. And perhaps actually listening to the album isn’t as bad as I’m making it out to be, I still wouldn’t be bored re-listening but overall it just lacks that little something extra to make it really worthy of being called a good record.

It’s may be an ok listen but The Sequel to the Prequel doesn’t have the required uniqueness of the first two Babyshambles records and for that reason fails to hold your attention. A disappointment.