AtomsforamokAtoms for Peace are a new supergroup that includes Thom Yorke of Radiohead, Flea of the Chilli’s, Joey Waronker of Beck and R.E.M., Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich and percussionist Mauro Refusco. They’ve been around for a little while, orignally getting together for Thom Yorke’s solo touring then they released Judge, Jury and Executioner way back in 2009. No one really knew what was to come of them but they kept on going releasing the first official single Default in September 2012 having claimed they were finishing off an album all the way back in September 2011. But it hasn’t been until this week that Amok has finally materialised.

It’s not a world away from Radiohead, Yorke’s falsetto vocals are always going to create a certain feel no matter what band he’s in and with the inclusion of producer Nigel Godrich the impeccable, understated sound that makes Radiohead records so great is apparent here too. But there are differences elsewhere. Flea’s basslines bring a new flavour to the sound often forming the base of the tracks particularly in Dropped and Before Your Very Eyes… His influence on the record as a whole, not just in the bass parts, is clear too there’s a constant feel of funk that isn’t really there on a Radiohead record. It’s helped along by the combination drums and percussion both of which are produced to perfection as they ripple away underneath the sparse musicality that is over the top.

There is not one track that’s a let down, there’s not one track that isn’t a great song and it’s hard to pick out stand-out moments because it’s all so good, my only qualm would be that it’s only nine tracks long, it leaves you wanting more but really that can only be a good thing. An early contender for album of the year.


Holy Cosmopolis passes Dark Law – 06.02.13

Well there have actually been a couple of things about the blog to update you on, for a change. First of all my review of The Pianist which you may have read before, was posted up on my friend Tyson Carters site Head in a Vice as part of his iMDB Top 250 challenge, you should swing over and check out his blog if you haven’t before. Following on from that I have revamped the theme of the blog, the Vertigo theme was nice but had limited accessability and I think ultimately put people off from reading my stuff so with the new theme we’ve got all the categories for you to choose from up at the top we’ve got my most recent posts on the home page and some useful stuff for finding your own way around in the sidebar, hopefully you’ll find it much easier to read what you want to read! And to atone for losing the film themed theme we’ve got some nice Lynch red curtains to back all my posts, hope you like it.

From now on these weekly updates are going to include some more of my creative writing to make them more worthwhile rather than just being me telling you to look at my other stuff so I recommend for you to keep looking at these posts to see a bit more of more fictional output. For this week though you’ve got four posts to get through to make up for the fact I only did two last week, first of all you’ve got my review of The Joy Formidable’s second album Wolf’s Law. Then there was my conclusions on the multi-Oscar nominated Zero Dark Thirty. I also managed to get hod of new Foals album Holy Fire and got round to reviewing that. And finally, I had a look at Cronenberg’s mind-bending latest Cosmopolis. I hope you enjoy have a flick through those, please leave me any comments you may have.

And this week I’m going to leave you with what can only be described as a huge tune from Thom Yorke’s new supergroup, Atoms for Peace, the albums due out on the 25th so keep your eyes peeled for the review: