5021392871196I first came across Young Fathers about a 6 months when they released their second mixtape Tape Two. I was quietly impressed and enjoyed their completely unique sound but didn’t think too much of it. This week though saw the release of their debut studio album, DEAD, which has so far garnered huge critical acclaim.

Merging styles of hip-hop, soul, pop, dance, gospel with African beats goes some way to describing their sound which is pretty much indescribable as it’s so different. This record presents an entirely innovative sound that chops and changes with every track. We have the dance influenced ‘GET UP’ a song which is perhaps the records most normal hip-hop tune as well but this mixture of mainstream genre provides the perfect jumping point for the group to really show you what they have to offer. The album is frequently dark too with tracks like ‘War’ and ‘Hangman’ throughout which they’re still occupied with interested with catchy hooks and a holistic sound. The album may threaten to be slightly too diverse with no real running theme but this is a weak criticism when each track carries such a unique and personal sound and feel.

It’s clear that Young Fathers are a group that have spent as much time as they can refining their sound and have created something that’s truly new and original so damn good this could change the UK hip-hop scene for good. For a way in check out ‘Get Up’ which I’ll post below and be sure to give this record a listen.

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