Recently while I was looking for some good new music I stumbled Norwegian metalers Kvelertak. Their new album Meir which was released last month drew me in immediately and in the week since I have become rather addicted to the groups blend of heavy metal, hardcore, punk and, at times, even classic rock.

Screamy heavy metal like Kvelertak is normally not something I would listen to, while I appreciate there are a huge number of good bands that fall into their category like Mastodon, MachineHead or Lamb of God I’ve always found that type of shouting to be a bit too much for me, melodramatic maybe and I’ve always opted for music with a less deliberate kind of shouting rather than screaming like Gallows. However when I whacked on the first track of Meir there was something about the group that despite the shrieking vocals really grabbed and dragged me into a new world. Perhaps it has something to do with their being Norwegian, perhaps its because the music really is just so well written that it would be impossible not to. Despite being grabbed immediately it wasn’t until later in the album when I became fully aware of how insanely awesome these guys were. Throughout the record there are awesome riffs and shades of a load of different genres but the shit really hits the fan when it gets to track eight, Nekrokosmos and as the song draws to its close it leaves you thrash riff that will keep you head-banging for ages, or all the time it takes your iPod to play the next track and your treated to another of the same calibre. There’s even an air of Foo Fighters in Tordenbrak and the final track eponymously titled Kvelertak has an essence of Led Zeppelin in there while the whole time being as heavy as an elephant sized stack of bricks. Their first album also called Kvelertak is more of the same and holds its own charm even if I don’t like it quite as much as Meir.

With two albums under their belt both of which being rock hard slabs of the finest metal music has to offer surely things can only be looking up for the mighty Kvelertak. Go give them a listen and tell me I’m wrong.

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