Cage, Metal, Spacey and Something from Me – 06.04.13

Hello and welcome to my first weekly update in which I plan to showcase some of my creative writing. Today I’m going to give you the first part of a short story I wrote this semester for one of my units, any feedback you may have on it would be greatly appreciated or if you love it then come back next week for part two:

An Unusual Murder: Part 1

     The following is filed as classified evidence for the Simon Falmouth case.

Official Statement


     I was in Tesco looking for some food. Sometimes I forget things that have happened because I take a lot of drugs and then I just end up places. Most of the time they’re places I want to go but sometimes I end up in some weird shit holes. A lot of people have told me I’ve got a mental illness but it’s bullshit. They just can’t handle the fact that I’m harder than them. The police have asked me to write this statement so they can find out what happened when I was in Tesco this time yesterday and what happened when this mad shit went down. I’m going to write the complete truth because Badman doesn’t talk shit, Badman tells the truth and I ain’t gonna hide what I did because I don’t care what anyone thinks.

I can’t remember what I was looking for, tomatoes or something, and this woman, Mary who’s always around, was holding my arm and I don’t know why, she must be in love with me or something but she’s always there wherever I go and I wish she’d piss off. She was holding my arm really tight so I grabbed hers and pulled it off me. There was a woman screaming in the next aisle, I have no idea why and the security guard was coming over. Mary started shouting, ‘Charlie, stop it,’ at me and it made me angry, my name is not Charlie and it was pissing me off, so I hit her in the face and she fell over. It looked like she was crying but I don’t give a shit, she follows me all over the place and no man should have to put up with that. I got in a rage, the woman in the next aisle kept screaming and it was grating on me so I pulled my pen knife from my pocket. The pen knife is my signature weapon on the street, I’ve got in fights with it before that’s how I got these scars on my arms. I took the knife and crouched over Mary, I flicked out the blade and pointed it into her neck just next to her throat, I pierced the skin and ripped across, blood poured everywhere.

After that the fucking idiot security guard came over and started hitting me with a baton and it made me even more angry so I turned round and stabbed him in the stomach, the woman in the next aisle saw and started screaming even more. I ran towards the door but they were locking the place down, the shutters were too low for me to squeeze under, they were idiots I was ready to stab everyone in there but then I passed out, it must have been the drugs again.


Next week things the events that took place should become clearer with the second statement. So this week has been the first of the Easter holidays for me and it has meant being able to catch up on a load of TV series, reading and games that I’ve been meaning to get on to for ages so it’s nice to get them done. My first review this week was a continuation of Cage Rage season with my review of Racing with the Moon, then I got round to finishing off House of Cards. And finally I thought you all might like to know about an awesome band I discovered in the form of Kvelertak. To round it all off I’m going to leave you with a trailer for the film I watched today, Danny Boyle’s Trance, keep reading the blog for a review later this week:

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