CAGE RAGE: Valley Girl

591789-valley_girl_movieSo my CAGE RAGE season begins with 1983’s Valley Girl. You may never have heard of this film, and I can’t blame you for that I hadn’t either until I decided to partake in this challenge. It tells the story of Randy (Cage) a punk falling in love with an ordinary girl from the valley, Julie (Deborah Foreman). The pair have to overcome the social stigma that surrounds them in order to make their relationship work. Entirely ground-breaking stuff of course.

Its hard for me to say much about this film because there really is very little to it. The only way I managed to get through it was by laughing at how corny it was and how much a buffoon Cage looks trying to be a cool teen who doesn’t play by the rules, unfortunately he is no James Dean. He is also no Romeo, despite his greatest attempts to emulate the Shakesperian character from the play this film so obviously rips off but nonetheless he is Nicolas Cage and is, therefore, forgiven. Who can blame for wanting to come across as a teen heart throb? As for everyone involved in the project it doesn’t seem as though it worked as quite the platform it did for Cage, its director Martha Coolidge has gone onto to direct such popular delights as Real Clothes, Rambling Rose and Lost in Yonkers all of which I’m sure are simply outstanding.

In terms of the CAGE RAGE factor there’s not much to see here, I’m afraid. Although there is one particularly funny scene in which he climbs into Julie’s bathroom while she’s having a party and hides in there while numerous people come in and out seeing to their business:



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