gish_jpg_640x590_q85Since I’ve reached the end of my Biffy Clyro album reviews it’s the turn of another of my favourite bands, probably my favourite of them all, to have their discography discussed. These reviews will contain added excitement since I’ve recently booked to go and see them at Wembley in July. So, we head back to the beginning of The Smashing Pumpkins history with their debut LP, Gish.

Released in 1991 the Pumpkins joined the scene at the rise of grunge along with Pearl Jam and Nirvarna but the Pumpkins didn’t hit in the same way those bands did. They’re a far more complicated band and to describe Gish as a grunge record would be rather diminutive. Although it is easily the bands grungiest effort of them all I still feel it would be accurate to call it anti-grunge. To unpack that, what I mean is that they’ve taken the guitar sound and song structure from that sub section of music but added a grnader scale and ambition to the project. Gish is the first example and perhaps the most subdued as with Siamese Dream, the bands second album they up the weirdness to different level than they have here. But even knowing what the band became it’s still hard not to notice the distinctive sound that is to be found on this record.

It certainly is a very strong debut album although I wouldn’t say it stands up fully against the greats that were to follow it, its still a record that I will happily put on from time to time and witness the birth of one of the greatest bands of all time. The bonus tracks on the second disc of the re-released version are all interesting listens too if you fancy checking that out.


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