Hitman: Absolution

Hitman-Absolution-preview-thumb-largeBack in the day I used to be a big fan of Hitman, I used to play the first two games fairly relentlessly but I eventually forgot about the series getting side-tracked by other games that got in the way. However with the release of Absolution I thought it was probably about time I got back into the silent assassin’s universe.

Absolution, unlike most games that come out nowadays still keeps an arcade feel scoring you on how well you do for each level and giving you grades to tell you how good, or more often in my case how shit, you are as a hitman. It kept me entertained trying to find the sneakiest ways to kill your victim without being seen and trying but failing not to let the whole thing spiral into an all-out gun fight. Another factor that I’ve always liked about the Hitman series is that it is always still possible just to shoot your through but the scoring method deters you, you don’t want to do that, the most satisfaction comes from causing no carnage whatsoever and skulking off without a trace. I loved the amount of items available to use in the game you can pick up almost anything and there’s a massive variety of disguises you can pose in.

A minor though would be the very un-inventive storyline with games such as Heavy Rain around nowadays nearly all games have been forced to produce much better stories, a fact which the Hitman team obviously haven’t fully grasped as I found myself just wishing for the cut scenes to hurry up, this was made even more annoying by the fact that they are un-skippable as is, for some strange reason, the opening video which you’ll have to sit through every time you turn the game on. But the gameplay is done so well it’s hard to let the story get in the way.

The contracts mode is an effective new way of competing online too letting you play through the levels already in the game but picking your own targets and the ways in which to kill them before posting them online and seeing if anyone can do it better than you, a fun addition to the game that will certainly get a few more hours out of me.


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