Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD

To fill some of the vast amounts of time we find ourselves with at University yesterday my attention turned to the reboot of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, available for download on the Playstation Store or Xbox Marketplace the blurb boasted that the game takes all the best elements of the previous pro skater releases and combines them to create one nostalgic package. Tony Hawk’s games were a permanent fixture of my childhood and I’ve spent many a night longing to go back to the days were you could string together a ridiculous combo and make your mate the donkey.

So does HD, live up to the old legacy? Yes and no. The gameplay is actually rather a lot harder than I remember you have to land your skater perfect or he’s gonna bail, and there’s no button that you can press to straighten up say if your jump has veered you away from a pipe. But there is the factor of having to buy tricks and stats to make your skater better so this might get quite a lot easier eventually and ultimately this adds a nice challenge to work through. The maps are all taken from old games and it’s cool remembering the old days. The music package is pretty good as well, again bringing the nostalgia. However there is one major, major problem here. There is no fucking split screen. On Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater there is no FUCKING SPLIT SCREEN. I don’t know what more to say other than fuck to be honest. My fondest memories of those old games were easily battling against my friends at home, there’s an online feature that I’m yet to try but online is never the same as having a few mates over and trying to terrorise each other. If they release another one of these this is something I expect to be changed, surely people must be annoyed about this.

That aside the game is just as fun and challenging as when I first played when I was younger, the goals can be infuriating but also so addictive playing the same level hundreds of times is easily done. And overall its just good to have Tony Hawk back, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an Underground HD so come campaign with me for it.

2 comments on “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD

  1. James says:

    Wanted to give this go – but no demo available on PSN (is on XBLA) – mixed reviews, so no £11.99 sale.. perhaps if it gets a price cut.. I think Tony got taken out by the Skate series, but then that seems to have stalled now?

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