Ultimate Castle Wedding!!!!!

If you’re reading this post wanting to find something about getting married in a castle that means you have fallen into my deadly trap of title trickery, what the title actually refers to is my three posts from this week, as always. First of all was my review of the new Brit rom-com The Wedding Video, for a sum-up of the experience head over to the film reviews section and please comment and let me know your opinions too. Secondly we have my third game review, as promised I am building my game section since it seemed pitifully small so here we have my review of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, let me know your views on the new emphasis games have on online multiplayer. And finally due to there not being any big album releases this week head to the band plug section for my personal appraisal of Crystal Castles in the build up to the release of their third studio album. Hope you enjoy.

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